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Tell Governor McCrory and lawmakers to end legal discrimination in NC and repeal HB2

House Bill 2 returns North Carolina to an era where businesses can discriminate against customers and employers can discriminate against workers. This legislation is bad news for North Carolina’s economy. It empowers businesses to discriminate and weakens the ability of local governments to raise wages—policies that will do nothing to create jobs or grow an economy that works for everyone.

Sign the Petition: Tell NCGA that cuts to unemployment insurance have hurt NC families and communities

After the changes enacted in 2013, North Carolina’s unemployment insurance is providing too little for too short a period to too few of North Carolina’s jobless workers.

  • TOO LITTLE: North Carolina ranks 46th in the nation in its average weekly benefit amount of $233 which monthly would leave a North Carolina family with one adult, one child more than $1,800 short in meeting their basic needs.
  • TOO SHORT: North Carolina ranks last for its average duration of unemployment insurance of just 11 weeks. It is the only state to allow a maximum of just 13 weeks for all jobless workers.
  • TOO FEW: North Carolina ranks last for the number of jobless workers who receive unemployment insurance. Just 11 percent of jobless North Carolinians receive unemployment insurance.

Tell President Obama to protect Central Americans fleeing violence

President Obama—through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security—has the legal authority to designate El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), potentially benefiting 1.2 million undocumented immigrants. TPS provides protection from deportation and employment authorization for undocumented immigrants who cannot be safely returned to their country. 

Tell your legislators to raise North Carolina’s minimum wage!

Too many North Carolina workers are locked into low-wage jobs that don’t pay enough to cover the basics, even though they’re working full-time or more. This is stifling our state economy— as working people struggle to afford necessities, they spend less money at businesses in their communities. The General Assembly had several opportunities during the 2015-2016 legislative session to raise North Carolina’s minimum wage from the current federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. Yet legislative leaders refused to act.

Sign the Petition: Tell lawmakers to reject any TABOR-like legislation that would place ineffective restrictions on tax decisions

Sign our petition today in opposition to Senate Bill 817, Senate Bill 607 or any other TABOR-type legislation that reduces accountability and makes it impossible for North Carolina policymakers to take care of our state's priorities.

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