Take Action! Write a Letter to the Editor: NC 4 Form Shows Tax Changes Result in Losers

There has been a flurry of articles about the recent forms that are being distributed to employees by their employers so that state income tax withholding can be calculated based on the tax change.

So far the coverage has failed to be clear about what is at stake with these tax cuts (funding for public schools, health care and other critical programs) and mistakenly reported that everyone will get an income tax cut.

We know this isn’t the case based on the research that both our shop conducted and that Fiscal Research produced.  Due to the loss of the state EITC, more than 900,000 will pay more in income taxes. The loss of the personal exemption means many will start paying income taxes early with nearly $2,000 more taxed under the new tax plan than was previously.  And the loss of numerous deductions and credits like the child and dependent care credit and private pension deduction will negatively impact many North Carolina families and seniors.

We need you to submit a Letter to the Editor to set the record straight. These tax changes are a tax cut for the top that will hurt North Carolinians paychecks, pocketbooks and the public services that are core to economic success. 

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