Take Action! Write a letter to the editor letting your community know that North Carolina needs to reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit!

Leglators and the Governor are back in Raleigh for North Carolina's 2014 legislative session and unless they take action in the next few months to reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit, almost 1 million working families will no longer be able to receive this fital lifeline to help pay bills and buy essentials. Thanks to the misguided decisions of the General Assembly, this is the final year in which North Carolinians will be able to receive the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

In 2013, North Carolina lawmakers gave our state the dubious distinction of becoming the first state in nearly 30 years to let its EITC expire, resulting in a tax increase for over 900,000 working families in North Carolina, including 64,000 military families. By letting the EITC expire, the state legislature disregarded evidence that it is one of the most effective tools to combat poverty.

  • The EITC is also one of the best ways to combat child poverty, contributing to better child outcomes including improved school achievement and higher future earnings in adulthood.
  • It supports workers who earn low wages by helping them pay bills and purchase groceries and other basic necessities.
  • And finally, it helps address the upside-down nature of our tax system that was made worse with the final tax plan passed last year which cut taxes on wealthy taxpayers and corporations, and made low and middle wage earners pay more in taxes on average.

We urge you to Take Action! Write a Letter to the Editor in your local paper and let your community know that reinstating North Carolina’s EITC should be a top priority of our state legislators this year.

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