TAKE ACTION! Tell Your Representative to Vote NO on Keeping Children From Receiving High-Quality Pre-Kindergarten

North Carolina has had an excellent history of providing high-quality Pre-Kindergarten to at-risk four-year-olds. In fact, the News & Observer recently published an article about the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten program and its success.  Research shows that investment in early childhood education programs provides a return on that investment of 6-10 percent. 

House Bill 935 would keep young children from receiving the high-quality education that they deserve. The bill:

  • Changes the income eligibility at-risk from 75 percent of state median income to 100 percent of stingy federal poverty level which is $23,550 for a family of four.  This change would result in about 10,000 children becoming ineligible for NC Pre-K.
  • Removes children with Limited English Proficiency from being defined as at-risk.  This would harm numerous children and families throughout North Carolina.
  • Ignores the fact that the North Carolina Supreme Court will hear the case regarding whether all at-risk four-year-olds who are eligible should be allowed to enroll in NC Pre-K.  Changing the definition of who is at-risk is unnecessary at this time because the Supreme Court has not had the chance to rule on the issue.

Send a message to the North Carolina House that they must not pass House Bill 935.

This action is no longer active.

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