TAKE ACTION! Tell Your Representative to vote NO on Vouchers

House Bill 944, which would take money desperately needed by our public school to provide voucher for private schools, is scheduled for consideration by the House Education Committee on Tuesday May 14. Committee members and other representatives need to hear from their constituents before Tuesday. 

House Bill 944:

  • Would take $90 million in state money to fund a voucher program in NC.  Voucher programs in other states have not had a positive impact on student achievement.  In fact, in the localities that have had vouchers the longest, public school students have done better on proficiency exams than students who received vouchers to attend private schools.
  • Is supposed to help low-income families, but the amount provided by the voucher is far lower than the tuition and fees of quality private schools. 
  • Asks North Carolina’s parents to provide their own funds to pay for an education that the state is constitutionally required to provide.  The bill does not save the state money as lawmakers claim.   If the voucher is given to 24% of students who would have attended private school regardless of the voucher, the state would lose money. 
  • Does not address the fact that many quality private schools have barrier to admission such as standardized test scores, financial fees, prior course requirements, applicant interviews, special needs, or the lack of transportation.
  • Does not provide adequate academic or financial accountability for public taxpayer money.

Click here to read: “School Vouchers: A Pathway toward Fraud and Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars” from NC Policy Watch.

Tell your representative to oppose House Bill 944.

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