TAKE ACTION! Stop tax cuts for millionaires that make everyone else pay the price

Tell your Senators and Governor McCrory that these plans are bad for North Carolina’s economy and overall competitiveness.

It’s time to ask Senators and Governor McCrory the Billion Dollar question. The new Senate leadership tax plan gives a tax cut to the wealthiest individuals and corporations while everyone else pays the price. The plan proposes cuts to the personal income tax, leads to elimination of the corporate income tax and loses over $1 billion in revenue each year once fully implemented. The plan puts our vital public services and infrastructure at risk, including our primary and secondary school system, community colleges, our world class universities, and in turn our future.

It is time to ask Senators what critical investments they plan to cut to fund tax cuts for millionaires. It is time to remind Governor McCrory that he wanted a plan that didn’t lose money for the state. The new Senate tax plan does not meet his own standards. Tell Senators and the Governor not to hurt working families, the education of our children, health care for seniors, and other infrastructure by giving those at the top a break that won’t deliver economic benefits or make our state more competitive. 

This action is no longer active.

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