SIGN THE PETITION: Tell state lawmakers - No more tax cuts that put our future at risk!

Background: We have watched our state gamble with our tax code over the past two years. State legislators have pushed through corporate and personal income tax cuts that have primarily benefitted those at the very top, siphoned resources out of the economy and weakened the building blocks of a strong economy like schools, community colleges and courts. A race to the bottom on taxes is a race to the bottom in quality of life.

North Carolina’s exceptionalism in the South and the country has always come from our commitment to each other, a commitment that meant asking each of us to contribute to building something bigger than ourselves. Whether a public university system, a universal K-12 education, a nationally recognized early childhood education system, or protection of our state’s natural resources, our pooled investments have made great things possible for the people of our state.  This is how we remain competitive in the global marketplace and attractive to business investment. Now is the time to make sound public investments that will put North Carolina on solid ground for the future.

This action is no longer active.

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