Take Action! Tell your Senators to support a moral budget

 As Congress considers the future of the federal budget, the House and the Senate have pursued two radically different visions.

The Senate budget, proposed by Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray and adopted by the Senate on March 23, represents a balanced approach that includes new revenues. The second plan—proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and passed by the House on March 21—represents an irresponsible and immoral approach that gives tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while enacting deep cuts to those public investments that help children, seniors, and the most vulnerable.

As the House and Senate attempt to reconcile these two different approaches in negotiations over a final plan, it is critical that the final budget take Murray’s approach and not Ryan’s.  Here are some of the key differences and four revenue options for fixing sequestration.

People of faith have a crucial role to play in urging our lawmakers to take the Murray approach and pass a moral budget that includes new revenues.  More revenues are critical to protecting children, the poor, and the elderly from unnecessary and harmful spending cuts.

Tell our Senators to remember the lesson of the loaves and fishes. Just as there was enough to feed the 5,000 in 1st century Galilee, there’s still enough to go around in 21st century America—as long as we pass moral budgets with a balanced approach that include new revenues, protects the “least of these,” and helps rebuild our economy.

This action is no longer active.

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