TAKE ACTION! Stop the Great Tax Shift in North Carolina

The North Carolina General Assembly is considering a number of proposals that would result in a Great Tax Shift.

This shift would raise taxes on middle- and low-income North Carolinians while the wealthy and big profitable corporations get a tax cut. Legislation to significantly cut the personal and corporate income taxes and ultimately eliminate these taxes completely would require taxes to be raised elsewhere, primarily through the sales tax which would shift the tax load to middle- and low-income North Carolinians. 

Tell your legislator: this is not reform but a Great Tax Shift that will only hurt our economy.

They are already making headway in their effort.  Policymakers voted to reduce the Earned Income Tax Credit earlier this year, impacting 900,000 low-income working families, while also giving preliminary committee approval to repealing the estate tax — which in 2012 affected just 23 estates valued at more than $5 million.

Tell North Carolina’s policymakers to stop shifting the tax load to hardworking North Carolinians in order to fund tax cuts for the rich and big corporations. Urge them to reject cuts to the personal and corporate income tax.

This action is no longer active.

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