TAKE ACTION: Tell NC Lawmakers to OPPOSE HB 786, the RECLAIM NC ACT, NC's Arizona copycat law

House Vote Anticipated Monday Night: Act Now To Protect Civil Rights and the Immigrant Community in NC

They’re bent on stripping women’s rights; they’ve gutted protections for workers and the unemployed. They’ve turned a blind eye to racial discrimination in the courts by destroying the Racial Justice Act.

Now with HB 786, they’re attacking immigrants and their families. North Carolina is now the only state mimicking states like Arizona.  Only by raising our voices can we put a stop to this law and protect the immigrant communities in our state, and protect all North Carolinians from civil rights violations.

This means contacting the elected officials below who have the power to put the brakes on this measure.

The sponsors of this bill say HB786 is a public safety bill in the same way they called SB353 a bill to protect women’s health. However, under HB786, the only people who would be able to receive permission to drive for one year are those that can demonstrate sufficient written proof that they have lived in North Carolina for at least one year, and be able to pay high fees. People who may have committed one crime, many years ago, could also be barred for recieving the permit. Only people who arrived in North Carolina before April 1, 2013 will be able to apply.


  • If HB 786 passes, North Carolina will have an anti-immigrant law similar to the discriminatory law in Arizona, which permits the police to demand that people show them their papers to prove lawful status in the U.S.
  • If HB 786 becomes law, people driving without a license or insurance, whether they are citizens or immigrants, can lose their cars if they are stopped by the police.
  • All undocumented immigrants will be required to register and officially declare their undocumented status to the state government, and provide digital fingerprints.
  • The driving permit will carry distinctive markers that will show a person’s immigration status, and right now, there is no guarantee that this driving permit won’t be used as proof of status to ICE in carrying out deportations.
  • To obtain the driving permit, people will have to pay one year of auto insurance in advance (which could exceed $1,230 per person).

If we don’t want our state to become the next Arizona, we have to tell our legislators NOW to vote NO on this discriminatory law.

To send a message to our legislators, just fill out the form below with your name and contact information, and click “Submit” to send the email below to state legislators.


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