Make Unemployment Insurance Work For North Carolina Again

Hundreds of thousands of jobless workers out of work through no fault of their own face not only the prospects of too few jobs available but a dismantling of the unemployment insurance system that is meant to protect families from poverty and the economy from depression.   The radical, out of the mainstream restructuring of the unemployment insurance system was rushed through in the first two weeks of the legislation session, now as the legislative session nears its end, these changes will go into effect. 

On July 1, the benefit changes will not only mean a far weaker insurance system for our economy, business and workers when unemployment is high but it will also result in the loss of federal extended benefits for many hundreds of thousands.  That is because the federal extended benefits program available through the end of the year requires states make no reductions to their benefit levels while receiving 100 percent of the funds to pay for this support to unemployed workers.

We may not be able to fix all the changes made to the unemployment insurance system but policymakers can still stop the loss of federal extended benefits by just extending their implementation to January 1.

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