SIGN THE PETITION: Stop the War on the Unemployed. There’s still time to act.

Last week, on July 1, over 70,000 unemployed workers were needlessly and abruptly cut off from the unemployment benefits they relied upon to pay their rents and mortgage, and to feed their families. By the end of 2013, 100,000 additional unemployed workers will lose their federal benefits.

The legislature could have prevented this “unemployment cliff,” which they themselves created. They did not act. Instead, they allowed North Carolina to become the first state to lose federal extended benefits by instituting an effective date of July 1 for House Bill 4 – a law which implements unprecedented, extreme, and damaging changes to our state’s Unemployment Insurance system.

But the legislature is still in session, which means that lawmakers continue to have the power to amend the effective date of this damaging law, and save the 100% federally-funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation program for North Carolina’s unemployed workers.

Sign the petition below and tell policy makers to take action and stop the war on the unemployed.

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