TAKE ACTION: We don’t need tax cuts, we need to invest in the foundations of a strong economy

The wealthiest taxpayers in North Carolina don't need a tax cut. Instead, the state should adequately fund critical investments like public education, community colleges, universities, and economic and natural resources. 

If you are an upper-income North Carolina taxpayer (over $169,000 in household income or assets over $1 million), and you support investing in North Carolina’s future, please sign on to the letter below TODAY.  We need your voice!

While lawmakers have continued to base tax plans on dramatic cuts to income taxes — primarily for those at the top — that they claim will create jobs in North Carolina, decades of research and experiences across states have found no link between income tax levels and economic growth. Slashing income tax rates for those at the top does, however, contribute to increased income inequality and endangers critical public investments.

Sign on to the petition below if you agree that lawmakers should reject the proposed increase in the size of tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of everyone in our great state of North Carolina.

This action is no longer active.

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