Take Action! Tell your state legislator to reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit

In the next few days, Senators and House members will debate another round of tax changes.  It is time to urge them to reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit. Without action in the next few weeks, working families will no longer be able to receive this vital lifeline to help them meet rising costs for food, a tank of gas and the basics for their children’s educational success on low wages.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Call or email your legislator and tell them to reinstate the EITC.

In 2013, North Carolina lawmakers gave our state the dubious designation of becoming the first state ever to let the state EITC expire, resulting in a tax increase for over 900,000 working families in North Carolina, including 64,000 military families. By letting the EITC expire, the state legislature disregarded evidence that it is one of the most effective tools to combat poverty.

  • The EITC is also one of the best ways to combat child poverty, contributing to better child outcomes including improved school achievement and higher future earnings in adulthood.
  • It supports workers as they earn low wages and seek career mobility. 
  • And finally, it addresses the upside-down nature of our tax system that was made worse with the final tax plan that let North Carolina’s EITC expire.

Take Action! Call or email your state legislator and tell them to reinstate the EITC. 

There are currently two bills, Senate Bill 185 and House Bill 152 that should be given a hearing this session in Finance Committees.  In addition to contacting your legislators, please send a special note to the chairs of these committees to request that these bills get a hearing.and the basics for their children’s educational success on low wages:

  • Senator Rabon
  • Senator Rucho
  • Senator Curtis
  • Senator Rabin
  • Representative Howard
  • Representative W. Brawley
  • Representative Lewis
  • Representative Setzer

This action is no longer active.

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