TAKE ACTION! Tell lawmakers to increase access to higher education for all NC students

Late last month, Senator Fletcher Hartsell introduced Senate Bill 463, entitled “Increase Access to Education.” This bill calls for any individual who has attended school in North Carolina for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to graduation and has received a high school diploma from a school within North Carolina or has obtained a general education diploma (GED) issued in North Carolina to receive resident tuition status.  

Increasing educational opportunities for all North Carolinians is a win for young people and a win for our state. Access to our state’s colleges will prepare an educated workforce that will increase the state’s collective productivity and strengthen economic growth. Enabling all students to attend college will provide young people with the opportunity to pursue their choice of a career, will reduce dropout rates, and strengthen our future tax base.

TAKE ACTION! Tell your state Representative and Senator to support increasing access to higher education for all NC students by supporting Senate Bill 463.

This action is no longer active.

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