SIGN THE PETITION! Tell NCGA that cuts to unemployment insurance have hurt NC families and communities

After the changes enacted in 2013, North Carolina’s unemployment insurance is providing too little for too short a period to too few of North Carolina’s jobless workers.

  • TOO LITTLE: North Carolina ranks 46th in the nation in its average weekly benefit amount of $233 which monthly would leave a North Carolina family with one adult, one child more than $1,800 short in meeting their basic needs.
  • TOO SHORT: North Carolina ranks last for its average duration of unemployment insurance of just 11 weeks. It is the only state to allow a maximum of just 13 weeks for all jobless workers.
  • TOO FEW: North Carolina ranks last for the number of jobless workers who receive unemployment insurance. Just 11 percent of jobless North Carolinians receive unemployment insurance.

Tell the North Carolina General Assembly that they must rebalance the unemployment insurance system so that it supports families and communities with too few jobs to ensure that all can work.


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