TAKE ACTION! Tell your lawmakers to rebuild Eastern NC

 The North Carolina Senate Finance Committee approved Senate Bill 325, which will cut $1 billion in state revenue every year. That loss comes on top of the nearly $2 billion loss we’ve suffered thanks to the last few years of tax cuts that have primarily benefited the wealthy and powerful.

Now is not the time to cut taxes when we need to rebuild Eastern NC stronger after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

We need a state level commitment of resources to rebuild housing, support small businesses and workers, provide for services, and implement a long-term vision for a thriving Eastern North Carolina.  Here are just a few of the pressing needs and long-term investments to help Eastern NC weather future natural disasters and strengthen their economy.

  • Build affordable housing for displaced low-income renters and homeowners
  • Purchase land from low-income homeowners living in low-lying areas
  • Strengthen water infrastructure, monitoring and protections
  • Provide low-cost loans to small business owners unable to access SBA products
  • Make programming available to children affected by the Hurricane such as additional opportunities to address summer learning loss and increased services to address trauma

You can read our full report on Senate Bill 325 here. But here are the topline points about what it will do:

  • Another $1 billion revenue loss makes it impossible to budget adequately
  • Eighty percent of the net tax cut since 2013 will have gone to the top 20 percent of taxpayers
  • Sixty percent of taxpayers in the bottom 20 percent of taxpayers receive no tax cut
  • Rural communities will continue to be hurt by the Senate tax cut proposal

Tell your Senator to vote no on Senate Bill 325. And let your House member know that passing more tax cuts while we have unanticipated and pressing needs in Eastern NC is not responsible.