Take Action: Tell your lawmakers not to blow a hole in North Carolina’s budget!

Senate Bill 325 is a costly tax plan proposal that will cut $1 billion in state revenue every year. That loss comes on top of the nearly $2 billion loss we’ve suffered thanks to the past few years of tax cuts that have primarily benefited the wealthy and powerful. 

And now the General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division estimates that the Senate tax plan would create a hole in the state budget to the tune of nearly $600 million a year by 2020.

Tell your lawmaker: We can’t afford a budget shortfall that will likely mean state funding cuts to public schools, healthcare services, environmental protection and other crucial areas. 

Supporters of the Senate tax plan are more than willing to give more tax cuts to the already well-off and profitable corporations at the expense of public investments that promote shared prosperity. This is state leaders’ brand of tax reform, which won’t end well for the majority of North Carolinians. 

You can read our full report on Senate Bill 325 here, but here’s a summary what it will do:

• Another $1 billion revenue loss makes it impossible to pay for what we need

• Eighty percent of the  tax cuts since 2013 will have gone to the top 20 percent of taxpayers

• Sixty percent of taxpayers in the bottom 20 percent of taxpayers receive no tax cut

• Rural communities will continue to be hurt by this proposal

Tell your lawmakers not to pass more tax cuts that will blow a hole in North Carolina’s budget!

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