Urgent: Oppose the Right to Work (for less)

Last week, the House swiftly passed the Protect NC Right to Work Constitutional Amendment (S 632/HB 819).This bill would open up the state constitution to enshrine harmful right-to-work laws, and make it harder for working people in North Carolina to fight back against bad employers by forming unions. The Senate is now the last line of defense against this extremely harmful proposal.

What we know:

  • Right-to-work laws have been on the books in North Carolina for decades, so adding them to the state constitution is unnecessary, wastes taxpayer dollars, and moves our state in the wrong direction.
  • These laws hurt the middle class. They do not create jobs and can in fact lower wages; in states with these laws, workers make an average of $1,550 less per year.
  • Nine of the 15 states with the highest unemployment have these laws in place.

TAKE ACTION TODAY! Please send a message to your Senator to let them know that the working people of North Carolina are counting on them to oppose this bill.

This action is no longer active.

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