Take Action! Tell your legislators to support paid sick days!

Nearly everybody gets sick at some point, but more than 1.2 million North Carolinians working in the private sector don’t have access to any paid sick leave. This kind of support is critical especially for low-income working people, for whom lost wages from being sick can mean being unable to cover bills or buy groceries.

Paid sick days are also incredibly important for working parents: on average, school-age children miss at least three days of school each year due to illness. When parents are able to care for their sick children, the children recover more quickly, are less likely to become seriously ill and have improved health overall.

What’s more: paid sick days are good business policy. Employers who offer paid sick days to their employees report lower turnover, higher productivity and reduced illnesses in the workplace. And the cost of replacing an employee often far exceeds the cost of providing paid sick leave to an existing one.

Tell your legislators to support paid sick days for working North Carolinians!

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