Take Action! Tell your lawmakers to prioritize post-Hurricane Matthew rebuilding

Just a few hours after the Senate released its budget, the Governor announced that the federal government would provide only $6.1 million to the state to rebuild post-Hurricane Matthew. Estimated damage from the storm that hit Eastern North Carolina in October 2016 is $2.8 billion.

The Senate provides just $150 million in state dollars for the Hurricane rebuilding effort.

Tell your legislators to make sure that the state budget prioritizes rebuilding post-Hurricane, and anticipates other federal losses in funding.

Rather than prioritize tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations, North Carolina’s leaders must prepare for federal funding cuts and meet needs in communities that are trying to rebuild from natural disasters today. Far too many families and workers are still displaced from their homes, schools, and jobs.

Ask your Senator or Representative to vote NO on a budget that includes another round of tax cuts, and urge them to craft a budget that commits state resources to shared priorities: rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew, affordable housing, additional pre-K opportunities and environmental protection, to name just a few.