TAKE ACTION! Tell House Judiciary II Committee to Expand Eligibility for Certificates of Relief

House Bill 671 Expand Certificate of Relief will be before the House Judiciary II Committee on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. We need you to voice your support for second chances and House Bill 671 to each member of the Judiciary II Committee TODAY.

Why This Matters: House Bill 671 Expand Certificate of Relief

  • House Bill 671 expands eligibility for certificates of relief from first-time convictions to individuals with multiple misdemeanor and/or low-level felony convictions. Put another way, this provision would expand relief to an individual who is striving to move beyond a bad period in his or her life, rather than a bad day. Many individuals in every community across our state are desperate for and deserving of such relief.
  • Established with bipartisan support in 2011, certificates of relief restore employment, housing, and educational opportunities for certificate holders by transforming automatic civil disabilities into discretionary civil disabilities. For example, a certificate of relief would allow an individual automatically barred from receiving certain occupational licenses the opportunity to go before an occupational licensing board for an individualized assessment of his or her suitability for the specific license. A certificate of relief also provides legal protections to employers, landlords, and other decision-makers that employ, house, or provide other opportunities to certificate holders. Unlike an expunction, a conviction for which the certificate is granted remains in the public record and is not erased or obscured in any way. The court of original conviction has the discretion to grant a certificate of relief to an eligible individual if it finds doing so would not pose a risk to the safety or welfare of the public or any individual.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Lawmakers to Support Second Chances by Expanding Eligibility for Certificates of Relief: Ask members of the House Judiciary II Committee to support House Bill 621.  

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