TAKE ACTION! Ask Members of the Finance Committee to Vote in Support of House Bill 671

Many thanks to the numerous Alliance members who voiced their support for second chances and asked members of the House Judiciary II Committee to vote in support of House Bill 671 Expand Certificate of Relief. At the committee hearing, members of the committee voted unanimously in support of the bill, giving it a “favorable report.”

Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford) did a wonderful job describing how significantly expanding eligibility for certificates of relief would restore employment and housing opportunities to thousands of North Carolinians striving to move beyond their criminal histories and, thereby, reduce recidivism, strengthen families, preserve state resources, and make communities across North Carolina safer and more prosperous.

We expect the House Finance Committee to take up House Bill 671 in the next two or three weeks. While we have powerful allies in Rep. Faircloth and Commissioner David Guice, enthusiastic voter support for a bill is essential.

Take the time TODAY to voice your support for second chances and House Bill 671 to the members of the House Finance Committee.

This action is no longer active.

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