TAKE ACTION! Expand Access to Certificates of Relief

House Bill 671 Expand Certificate of Relief provides judges the discretion to reduce civil barriers to employment, housing, and other essential resources by issuing certificates of relief to significantly more individuals that are currently in need, providing relief to individuals with multiple convictions for misdemeanor and up to Class G felony offenses.

Unlike an expunction, a certificate of relief does not obscure or change the criminal record itself—instead a certificate addresses a broad range of civil disabilities imposed by the state of North Carolina and shields employers, landlords, and other decision makers from the limited risk of negligent hiring liability, thereby making it more likely these decisions makers will hire, rent to, or otherwise grant an opportunity to a certificate holder.

Time is short and it is crucial that the House Finance Committee schedule a hearing to consider House Bill 671 immediately. This decision will be made by the chairs of the Finance Committee, Rep. William Brawley and Rep. Jason Saine, with input from the several vice chairs of the committee.

This action is no longer active.

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