Don’t Make Tax Giveaways to the Powerful Permanent

In another last-minute consideration of a major policy change, the House will take up a bill that would amend the state Constitution to permanently freeze income tax rates at 5.5 percent. Lawmakers have already proven that they can cut income taxes without changing the state Constitution -- they have been doing it since 2013.

Having the maximum rate for income taxes set in the state Constitution limits the tools future policymakers will have to meet the needs of a growing state; to make up the funding difference from the likely federal cost shift that is proposed on Medicaid, food assistance and other key services; or to address unexpected natural disasters or major economic disruptions.

This constitutional amendment is essentially a permanent annual giveaway to millionaires that will likely just shift the tax load even more onto middle- and working-class families. It will lock in the tax cuts since 2013 that have primarily benefited the wealthiest taxpayers at the expense of everyone else. Contact your House member now to tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 75.