Tell your Representative to vote NO on H 589!

Solar and wind power offer huge benefits to low-income communities, but the NC Senate’s changes to H 589, Competitive Energy Solutions, would stop all of this progress. The original version of this energy bill would have allowed solar to grow in North Carolina to roughly 6,800 megawatts of installed capacity over the next four to five years, and called for new distributed generation programs that would increase access to solar power.
But a Senate committee came up with a substitute version that would dramatically cut back the growth in solar. It would also put a 3.5-year moratorium on wind energy development, blocking two projects already in the approval process that are currently the two biggest sources of tax dollars for two of North Carolina’s poorest counties, as well as any new projects during that period.
The Senate has approved their version of the bill and sent it back to the House to vote on the changes.
North Carolina is a leader in the Southeast on renewable energy development – let’s keep it that way! Tell your Representative to vote NO on the Senate’s version of H 589!

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