TAKE ACTION! Tell Sens. Tillis & Burr to Vote "No" on a Skinny Repeal Bill

After the Senate voted to proceed on debate about a bill to repeal our health care on Tuesday, two Republican proposals were defeated by bipartisan opposition. Senate Republican leadership and the Trump White House are desperate for a political win, so they’re pushing a so-called “skinny repeal” bill, a placeholder bill that repeals only the minimum provisions that Republicans can agree on.

However, it’s clear that this “skinny repeal” could actually be a Trojan horse, a seemingly simple bill that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Trump will modify in order to make massive cuts to Medicaid and to the Affordable Care Act. Senate leaders have admitted that they hope to pass this “skinny” placeholder bill and then send it to a conference committee where the real bill will be written by Republican leadership.

McConnell is trying to trick his own party into handing him free rein over the health care repeal bill. Even if Senators Tillis and Burr aren’t fans of the Affordable Care Act, why should they enable an even less transparent process with another secret backroom channel for legislating?


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