Support the DREAM Act and Reject Anti-Immigrant Agendas

Over the past several months, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced pieces of legislation in support of immigrant youth, building momentum for long overdue reform to our immigration system. This proposed legislation is a strong step forward in the right direction. The concept of the DREAM Act has, historically, achieved broad, bipartisan support and we remain hopeful that such bipartisan support will lead to its passage this year.

For more information about the bills currently being considered, click here for side-by-side comparison of their details.

If passed as written, any one of these bills could grant legal residency and a pathway to citizenship to over 1 million young people living in the U.S. today, including many DACA recipients. While we wholeheartedly support immigration reform that would provide long-term solutions to immigrant youth, we stand firmly against any amendment which would bolster immigration enforcement or negatively impact other forms of available relief. We will not accept any measure which would keep immigrant youth in limbo while attempting to negotiate enforcement measures.

Sign below to add your name or organization (Note: please sign only as an individual OR an organization, not both) to a letter to lawmakers asking them to SUPPORT a CLEAN DREAM Act and adamantly OPPOSE any amendments that would wager the lives and stability of some in exchange for others by escalating enforcement, detention, and deportation measures.

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