TAKE ACTION! Tell Lawmakers to Stop White House from Dismantling Refugee Resettlement

There are reports that the White House may set the refugee admissions goal for next fiscal year at less than 50,000 — the lowest goal in U.S. history. The average admissions goal from when The Refugee Act of 1980 passed up till today is 95,000, with an average of 80,000 refugees resettled each year.

Today, we face the worst refugee displacement crisis in recorded history with more than 65 million people forced from their homes. There are more than 22 million refugees worldwide, more than half of whom are children. Refugees are more than just a global figure; they are families torn apart, children who have witnessed profound violence, and people seeking a chance to rebuild their lives and raise a family in safety.

WRITE YOUR SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES TODAY! Tell them that any less than 75,000 accepted refugees is unacceptable.

This action is no longer active.

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