Tell your representative: Keep supporting an economy for all!

On Tuesday December 19th, the U.S. Congress stayed late into the night to pass their harmful tax plan. This plan is nothing but an expensive giveaway to millionaires and major corporations that offers little to most families and actually hurts many. It will cut millions of American's health care, raise premiums for others, and increase our nation's deficit. And in the next step, lawmakers will use all of these harmful outcomes to justify making dangerous cuts which will further hurt working families. 

North Carolina has already seen what happens when lawmakers make reckless tax cuts. Our state is now struggling to meet even the basic needs of our growing population. The federal funding cuts we're about to suffer - funds that our state lawmakers took for granted in their final budget - should make our leaders cancel further scheduled tax cuts. 

Tell Senators Burr and Tillis today: We cannot afford another round of tax cuts for the wealthy when we're already struggling to create an economy that works for all. Our Senators must pledge not to cut critical programs in 2018.